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CT scans of Egyptian mummies has revealed cases of breast cancer and myeloma

January 8, 2018 12:58

An international team of researchers, including scientists anthropological group University of Granada, Spain, under the direction of Professor Miguel Cecilio Botella López found the oldest in the world, cases of breast cancerand multiple myeloma. These discoveries were made through Computed Tomography two mummies found in Necropolis Kubbet el hava Aswan, Egypt.

After a thorough analysis of mummies research team found that women with breast cancer died about 2000 BC, and the person with multiple myeloma - about 1800 BC Both men belonged to the ruling class or the rich Egyptian families Elephantine.

Researchers have used computer tomography methods for analyzing mummies. CT scanning technology, provide the best and accurate results when it is necessary to examine the insides of mummies, fine details in clothing and applied embalming techniques.

Similar CT scanning technique was applied to two intact mummies from the late period of ancient Egypt. "Both mummies are wrapped canvases reminiscent of a mask body structure of the mummies of this period perfectly preserved, and we can clearly distinguish their faces looked like,." - says Professor Botella López. Due to the reconstruction carried out using special software, the researchers were able to conduct detailed studies of the mummies of the late period, one of which is the body of a boy 9 years old, and the other - a teenager.

The two oldest mummies, who was diagnosed cancer, wrapped in a large number of bandages. These data indicate that the methods of embalming have changed over time, and that the methods described by the Greek historian Herodotus, used only in the late period, at least in the southern part of ancient Egypt, dating from the 10th century.

The research team led by Dr Mamun received image in the service of the hospital X-ray diagnostics Aswan University. They used a new generation of computer scanner capable of simultaneously create 124 tomographic slice with high degree of accuracy. Employees of X-ray diagnostics service in Granada participated in the research project.

Studies conducted on the two oldest mummies with cancer, the most well-known cases to date have allowed scientists to confirm that the disease is already present in humans in ancient times. The results confirm that these people belonged to the upper strata of society with sufficient resources to support and care for a long period of illness at a time when there were no medications or treatments.

The probable cause of death of the mummies of a later period, scientists called acute infection. They either lead to death or be cured in a short period of time and do not leave marks on the bones. The infection is still present, it is a common cause of death in the world, despite the availability of treatment options.



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