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Treatment of infertility: sperm motility studies phone

October 26, 2016 14:15


Sensational discovery scientists from Japan blow up the world of reproductive medicine. Now, in the treatment of infertility, not every analysis requires a visit to a specialized clinic. The mobility of male sperm tracked through the phone.

Science has proven that the poor quality of semen affects fertilization. A third of accessing the services of doctors couples can not have a baby for that reason. Men do not like to visit the very medical institution where the semen shall be analyzed and avoid such visits whenever possible.

With the opening of Yoshimoto Kobori (Yoshitomo Kobori) and his colleagues reduced the number of visits to the doctor. Now check the sperm can be at home, in the comfort and tranquility. Installed on the smartphone app akin to a compact laboratory. Together with a group of scientists from the University of Illinois was invented microscope lens, the size of which does not exceed 1 mm. Its fixation on the phone's camera allows you to zoom in on the photos to 555 times. As such, you can set the number of sperm motility and easily.

For delivery of sperm to be applied to a plastic substrate assay after 4-5 minutes after ejaculation, and then to remove the existing video material. The duration of the plot is 3 seconds. This time is sufficient for analysis. The disadvantage lies in the fact that count the number of cells moving should the user. However, work on improving the modern device does not shut down. In the future, the system will calculate the result in the automatic mode. 

Scientists claim that the application does not give any idea about the degree of preparedness of the sperm to fertilize. However, the assessment of mobility - a significant figure, based on which makes a lot of conclusions. Today to buy a microscope for a smartphone can be in Japan. Devaysa planned export to other world markets.  


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