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Fans daydreaming suffer more from sleep disorders

23 June 2017 15:37

22/02/2017 18:32

Lovers dream suffer sleep disordersThe new experiment conducted on Israeli Air Force jet pilots, showed who often suffer from sleep disorders. The findings are crucial for recruiters professionals who are required to conduct operations in extreme situations (pilots, combat soldiers and firefighters).

According to the researchers of the University of Ben-Gurion, the people who tend to dream, immersed in reading a book or watching a movie, and ignoring the outside world, feel more tired because of insomnia, and it is more difficult to return to full alert even after 8 hours of sleep.

Researchers from the Israeli Air Force claimed that a personality trait called dissociative absorption is thus a major factor.

Dissociative absorption - a condition where a person does not pay attention to the environment, the scientists explain. It includes temporary absence of reflexive consciousness. This means that a person has a confusion between reality and fantasy.

There are many professional literature about the harmful effects of sleep deprivation, including effects on mood, cognitive and motor functions. This study is the first to identify the role of dissociative absorption. This is especially important for people who are in extreme situations with insufficient sleep (of pilots, combat soldiers, professional drivers, etc.).

In the study, the pilots and officers talked about the subjective and objective effects of fatigue. The goal was to emphasize the importance of adhering to the orderly and adequate sleep during the operations.

People who are inclined to daydream, experiencing difficulties in the transition between the different states of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep, says Dr. Soffer-Dudek. Any violation of the cycle "sleep-wake" creates a strong jolt to the entire system, and a person has to fight sleepiness.

Work, recently published in the scientific journal "Consciousness and Cognition (Consciousness and Cognition)", is the first publication on this topic. Scientists hope that this personality trait would play an important role in the recruitment of personnel in the future.



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