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People choose similar partners, but for different reasons

April 19, 2017 13:11

22/03/2017 13:04

People choose similar partnersYou wonder what is common in your ex-lovers, and how they differ from the people with whom you've never met before?

Conducted by the University of California study showed that people continually choose similar partners, both physically and spiritually.

For such qualities as attractiveness, similarity arises because attractive people like other people attractive. But the qualities that are very different depending on the place of residence (education or religion), the similarity appears, because the educated and religious people tend to meet each other, and not because the educated and religious people actively choose each other.

"Do you have a certain type of people Yes, - said study author Paul Eastwick, assistant professor of psychology -. But sometimes it represents your attractiveness and sometimes depends on where you live."

The work is published this month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

The article, consisting of three studies, discusses the characteristics of 1000's of people in the past and present of heterosexual relations. The information is provided voluntarily through social networking sites and interviews in recent years.

In one study, the authors found that the former partners have similar physical properties, even in the case of short-term or casual relationships. During the partner selection process, people find it difficult to differentiate the partners in casual relationships, compared with long-term ", - stated in the study.

Although intelligent data and level of education also played a role, Eastwick said that it is related to a place where people go to school or work.

The second study looked at the former partners of several hundred young people, selected from schools in the United States. Loved ones were very similar in education, religiosity and intelligence, but this similarity is directly dependent on which school to go under study. Participants chose these partners in front of the school or place of work.

According Eastwick, the study is different from most other studies on the relationship, as it examines the relationship of people in time.



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