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Radiation therapy to mastectomy reduces the risk of developing a second tumor

13 December 2017 16:44

Scientists at the Moffitt Cancer Center compared the long-term benefits of radiation therapy in women with breast cancer before and after surgery. They found that patients who received neoadjuvantradiation therapy(Before surgery) have a reduced risk of developing a second primary tumor in any part of the body. The results of their study were published in the «Breast Cancer Research».

Most of the patients at an early stage of breast cancer is transferred surgery to remove the tumor or complete mastectomy. Surgery is usually followed by radiation therapy that improves survival without recurrence. But in some cases, patients are neodyuvantnuyu radiotherapy to shrink the tumor before surgery.

Scientists at the Moffitt Cancer Center conducted the first study of its kind. They compared the overall survival and time to detection of a second tumor if such was, in patients with breast cancer.

Research participants were 250 195 women from the Base of the US National Institute of Information. Their breast cancer was diagnosed at an early stage. 2554 patients underwent radiotherapy before surgery and 247 641 - after surgery.

The scientists found that among patients with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer,women with neoadjuvant radiation therapy had a lower risk of developing a second primary tumor, compared with patients who underwent adjuvant radiotherapy. This was observed as a full or partial mastectomy. Delaying surgery due to neoadjuvant therapy does not harm the survival.

Now it is necessary to confirm these results and to conduct randomized clinical trials.



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