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Health development, improving the results of irradiation of breast cancer

20 December 2017 14:19

New therapeutic table that provides position "lying on his stomach" during radiation therapy, improves the results of treatment of patients with breast cancer. These results came researchers Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University - Oncology Hospital Arthur James (OSUCCC) and Research Institute Richard Nightingale, according to the resource

Dr. Julia White, director of the radiotherapy department at the Center for Stephanie Spillman (comprised MP Wexner), together with the company «Qfix», a global leader in devices for fixation and immobilization of patients during radiotherapy, have been developing innovative equipment.

Therapeutic table allows you to lie on your stomach, while the breast tissue freely arranged without touching the deck, allowing the light guide precisely on the tumor. The traditional treatment for breast cancer is the supine position. Despite the fact that this approach is effective enough, there is some likelihood of radiation damage to the tissues of the heart and lungs.

According to Dr. White, a modified therapeutic table allows gravity to create a distance between the breast and the chest wall. The breast becomes more homogeneous form, it provides a better uniform distribution of radiation. In this case, it does not touch the edges of the chest cavity, lungs and heart. In addition, this design allows you to extend the length of time of exposure. In the course of treatment for each patient using the device "the VAC bag", which is adapted to the particular shape and is used to immobilize the hand during treatment.

Traditional radiation therapy is associated with long-term problems, which relate to the affected breast shape, good cosmetic results are seen only in 60-70% of cases. According to Dr. White, the new location provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the negative effects of the treatment. Indicators of good cosmetic results have up to 80-90%.

The use of modified equipment can reduce anxiety in patients whose family history is associated with heart disease. Currently it is mainly used in the early stages of breast cancer in the treatment of women who choose lumpectomy and hope as much as possible to save the breast.

Studies have shown that the use of this development in the course of radiation therapy reduced the amount of damaged heart and lung tissue by 90%.


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