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The mobile application - a method of treatment of asthma of the 21st century

11 September 2017 15:07

A new study by researchers from the University of Manchester and published on the World Day of asthma, dedicated application functions Asthma smartphone.

In the treatment of asthma using the written plans that help patients navigate when to take medication or seek advice. However, there are many patients who find it difficult to follow the rules. To compensate for this, it has developed more than 200 applications for smartphones.

The national survey of 2014 reported that two-thirds of the deaths from asthma are preventable.

A new study by University of Manchester includes responses of focus groups and written questionnaires of 183 patients and 63 medical workers. Members appreciated features to improve future applications. One of the main features that the patients would like to receive from the mHealth mobile application, it's about the conditions surrounding environment information, such as the presence of pollen or pollution. They would like to be able to collect data that could show the doctors. For professionals it is important to warn patients about the application when to get medical care and follow up treatment.

The latest study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, is part of a long-term EU-funded project, to develop a useful and affordable mHealth devices.

Dr. Andrew Simpson of the University of Manchester, said: "Smartphones have great potential to help people to manage health MyAirCoach The idea is to carefully work with these patient groups, to find a suitable design and features that help people cope with asthma.."

Because of asthma in the world suffer 300 million and 5.4 million in the UK, the disease fits well into the framework of mHealth. If you can create a device or application that will benefit patients and health care providers, it will help save lives, reduce the number of hospital admissions and reduce the use of drugs.

The findings support the recommendations of the report of asthma in the United Kingdom for 2016, which states that asthma should be "purpose of investment in technological self-government."



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