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Mobile & Internet contribute to lifestyle changes for the better

May 2, 2017 16:11

Lifestyle09/02/2016 18:00

Scientists have discovered that the Internet and mobile applications to stimulate people to enhance physical activity and better nutrition, which eventually leads to weight loss. This is the conclusion they reached by studying the scientific works devoted to assessing the impact of network use, a variety of sensors, software, and mobile phones in 23 years.

As a result, researchers have evidence that those people who used Internet programs or special applications, become more physically active, they began to stick to the diet and reduced consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

The most effective, according to the researchers, there were a program that involves several modes of interaction by specific messages. The result has been higher if it had the opportunity to contact with the health care institutions.

The study's author, Ashkan Afshin, said: "Clinicians, particularly in institutions of first aid, could apply such programs, and to help people to improve the behavior and lifestyle, thereby reducing the risk of chronic diseases."

The biggest advantage of a lifestyle change is to reduce body weight, because obesity is not just a disease - it leads to the emergence of cancer of the uterus disorders, breast, esophagus, ovary, liver, stomach and other organs. Furthermore, being overweight is associated with the occurrence of cancer of the blood and brain tumors.


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