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Found a new way to improve vaccine BVRS

March 27, 2017 17:16

11/23/16 19:35

Middle East respiratory syndrome (BVRS) diagnosed relatively recently, in two thousand twelfth year, in more than one thousand five hundred people. yet it failed to create the necessary vaccines. However, a new research project, the results of which were published in «Nature Communications», will help in this direction.

Fang Lee led the study of the Univ pieces. Minnesota in collaboration with other experts from China and the United States.

Professor Lee and colleagues identified portion vaccine BVRS ​​when defective immune system generates antibodies. Blocking this part - a step towards the creation of a drug. To reduce unintended immune system response, Lee and his colleagues have identified, and then hid the pathological site. Then they measured the immune response in mice and noted an increase in the effectiveness of vaccination. Masking this segment, the immune system focuses on the synthesis of the required antibodies. This idea can be replicated in other vaccines to increase efficiency and improve protection against diseases, including influenza and HIV.

"This discovery will facilitate the development of vaccines against other life-threatening viruses, -utverzhdaet Lee. - In a world where new viruses emerge all the time, this study will make a valuable tool subunit vaccines to fight viral infections. "



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