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Do not close your eyes to the vision problems

September 27, 2018 9:55

Your eyes are exposed to a wide range of diseases, from minor to serious chronic diseases and even cancer.

For information on how to carry out the treatment of eye cancer in Israel, the best specialists of the country, leave a request and we will contact you shortly.

You should never ignore any changes in your vision, call your doctor immediately if you will have the following warning signs.

Please report any unexpected spots, flashes of light in one or both eyes or partial impairment of vision, especially if you have recently damaged eye. You may have separated the retina.

Eye pain, redness and sensitivity to light may be signs of inflammation, itching, burning sensation and lack of natural tears can be symptoms of dry eye.

Seal century often passes itself, but if it is delayed or grow, seek medical attention.

More serious symptoms - redness, which spreads and rapid swelling. Conjunctivitis - contagious infection that can cause redness of the eyes. You may need antibiotics. Redness, blurred vision and feeling of sand in your eye may be due to debris or scratched cornea.

Pain and some changes may be signs of more common problems of thyroid disease to autoimmune disorders, so always consult a doctor.

And, of course, protect your eyesight, annual eye checks, including tests that can identify problems early, before you see any signs.



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