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Lack of vitamin D increases the risk of prostate cancer

October 26, 2016 16:58


vitamin D "Men with prostate cancer should be tested for serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Blood This requires additional intake of vitamin or diet correction," - says Dr. Adam Murphy of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Adam Murphy and colleagues investigated the relationship between the level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and pathology of the prostate, detected during radical prostatectomy. In operation, the data of 190 men aged about 64 years were analyzed (on average).

Of these, approximately 45% had evidence of aggressive prostate cancer. Analysis for 25-hydroxyvitamin D showed its low content. Additional studies that take into account not only the rate of 25 (OH) D, but also age, as well as rectal examination, confirmed the accuracy of the data.

"Our results demonstrate the important role of vitamin D in the progression of prostate cancer. Therefore, the addition of vitamin can be considered as a factor that reduces the severity of the disease, "- said Dr. Nyam Ohio. He said that to clarify the role of vitamin D in the development of prostate cancer is necessary to conduct more research.

Explaining the relationship between vitamin and aggressive type of cancer, Dr. Murphy: "We believe that vitamin D deficiency leads to a rapid tumor development by multiple mechanisms." He also noted that there are already data on the effect of vitamin at slowing the progression of prostate cancer by apoptosis.

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