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Inconspicuous appearance men compensated creativity

April 28, 2017 15:44

19/04/2017 13:01

Men with inconspicuous appearance instinctively know how to be funny, clever or romantic. Now, the theory gained a scientific assessment: an unusual study on the subject was published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Unsympathetic men become attractive when women feel they highlight. But in the case of women it does not work. Less attractive ladies even lose, if they begin to demonstrate a keen mind.

"Creative women unattractive looks like being punished," - says Christopher Watkins, a psychologist at the University of Abertay in Scotland, who led the study.

Watkins scored volunteers who looked at photos of men and women and assessed their physical data. He then presented the same pictures other group of volunteers, speaking at the same time for their creative achievements. Each picture attached mini-exercises. In one test, there was a text of 100 words, based on the "lover", a surreal painting by René Magritte, where two lovers kiss, their heads covered with a white cloth.

The results showed that men with a less attractive appearance is more popular, if to be creative. The most popular men were those who were physically attractive and has shown itself in terms of creativity.

For women, the situation is different: the appearance is still the decisive factor. In one experiment, the creative side of personality does not help in the evaluation of their appearance, and even reduced the degree of attractiveness among unsympathetic ladies. But he discovered Watkins, another experiment showed the opposite results: creative thinking affected the attractiveness of both men and women.

Why are women so appreciate the creative thinking of men?

Watkins pointed to the evolutionary biology - hidden criteria that make the search for the best candidate for a healthy offspring and survival. "Women are more selective when it comes to choosing a partner. Imagination and inspiration to play at the same time a significant role - he said. - Creativity is an indication that a person can invest time and effort to perform a particular task or to see things in a new way, which is useful for survival. "

According to the researcher, "Botany" and romance are at a disadvantage in online dating, where decisions are often based on a simple glance.



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