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Low-dose radiation therapy do not increase the risk of relapse in some cancer patients

November 6, 2018 16:36

Patients with thyroid cancer and a low risk of recurrence may receive reduced doses of radiotherapy after surgery, and it will have no negative impact on their clinical outcomes. This was reported by scientists at Cancer Conference NCRI in 2018. Their study showed no significant difference in relapse rate between patients treated with low or standard dose of radiotherapy in the treatment. They reported that international guidelines may be updated, so that patients with a low risk of recurrence receive reduced doses of ionizing radiation.

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The study involved 434 patients attended at low risk of thyroid cancer. Average follow-up was 6.5 years. Patients were randomized into two groups, one of which was treated with low doses of radioactive iodine (1.1 GBq) and the second - the standard dose of 3.7 GBq. They also received either Tirogen, a hormone that stimulates the cancer cells of the thyroid gland to absorb as much of the radioactive iodine can be either stopped taking thyroid hormones, leading to increased levels of natural tirogena.

During the whole observation period it was recorded 21 cases of cancer recurrence (for 11 persons from the first group and 10 persons of the second group).

The study showed that patients who received reduced doses of radiation experienced fewer side effects and long term complications. The researchers also found that the quality of life and ability to continue normal activity was much better in those patients. tirogen are obtained.

At the moment, scientists are studying whether it is possible to identify a group of patients with low risk of recurrence of thyroid cancer that generally exclude them from the list of patients treated with radioactive iodine.



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