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New hope for patients with brain tumor

November 5, 2018 12:37

Glioblastoma - a rare type of brain cancer in adults. The incidence varies from 2 to 5 per million people per year. Glioblastoma begins as a low grade glioma tumor around nerve cells that surround the spine and brain, and 5-year survival rate is less than 10%.

Currently glioblastoma treated chemotherapy drug called temozolomide (TMZ), first developed in Europe and available for widespread use of patients in the early 2000s. TMZ causes nonspecific DNA damage tumor cells, to prevent playback and distribution.

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However, in patients with glioblastoma treated to TMZ, there is almost always relapses that show mutations that allow glioblastoma stop responding to treatment.

Of the 188 cases of tumor, a significant part (about 14%) of patients with glioblastoma discovers a new mutation METEX14 (some of them at the same time contain another mutation called ZM fusion), which leads to more aggressive tumor growth.

Prospectively was identified molecule inhibitor MET kinase called PLB-1001 and capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier, which is a key feature of the treatment. This new molecule exhibits remarkable activity in selective targeting of glioblastoma, which together represent the mutation.

Beijing Hospital Tiantai provided an opportunity for clinical trials phase PLB-1001 phase I. Successfully registered patients are the ones who show the mutation, or has a history of glioblastoma and enters the appropriate age group.

"This clinical trial and the results are very significant for the further study of knowledge about the treatment of glioblastoma. Precision oncological medicine promises to tailor treatment according to personal cancer mutations, but this is complicated by the dynamic changes during the development of cancer tumors the most difficult to treat. the development of computational models of evolution of cancer helps predict future behavior of cancer cells and prioritize treatment options. In this study, MET is one of the current goals, which we have identified. Using the PLB-1001 as a standalone product, our employees have been able to reduce tumors in two months in some patients. more research is needed to find out whether you can use a PLB-1001 in combination with other drugs, to have more conclusive results. "

The team of Professor Tao Jiang hospital Beijing Tiantan enrolls a large number of Chinese patients with glioma for genomic sequencing and conducting this clinical trial, and the first data show that the PLB-1001 is safe to use as a single agent for patients with glioblastoma, and especially those who have indicated mutation. This may lead to a new combination chemotherapy for patients who later dropped the line.

Ultimately, this discovery offers new opportunities for a better treatment of an aggressive type of tumor.



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