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The new system is systematization of skin diseases can alter research priorities

February 19, 2018 16:35

According to the analysis, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Research acne need to pay more attention than the study of skin cancer.

According to Robert Dellavalle, MD, from the University of Colorado in Denver, the new systematization of skin diseases alter research priorities.

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The analysis reflects the trend that researchers are trying to determine what areas are important for the health of patients. The US Administration Control Food and Drug Administration is increasingly focuses on the results obtained from the patients.

The study evaluated 333 diseases and injuries in 195 countries and territories. Using 11,552 data source in 2016, scientists were divided in 1000 of skin diseases in the category.

The basic unit of measurement is a year of life adjusted for disability, that is, taking into account the years of living with a disability. To evaluate the reduction of life expectancy with disability, the researchers collected data from patient surveys. They gave the patients a hypothetical choice between the years of life and over the years different types of disabilities.

For example, stroke patients are asked to imagine that they left 10 years, and asked how many years of life, they would be given in return for the absence of stroke. If the average patient is ready to give up to 5 years of life, the researchers point to the disability rate for stroke in 50% of years of life. disability is measured on a scale from 0 to 1, with zero means perfect health, and one - death. Thus, in this hypothetical example figures are 0.5. Years associated with disability, are calculated by multiplying the prevalence of the disease in disability rates. In a study of the skin condition was 60 million years of life with a disability, or 2.5%.

Grouping of skin diseases by categories, the researchers calculated the thousands of years of life adjusted for disability. In this systematization changed with age. Eels are harmful to young people aged between 10 and 24 years of age and become less important in older age. In contrast, viral skin diseases, and cancer are more problematic with age.

A global study of diseases called into question the previous reference system of the importance of various health problems.

"Research is needed to determine the priority and amount of skin disease research - said Dellavalle. - Acne is dedicated not so much research, given how often it becomes a cause of disability. Although patients do not die of acne, they may suffer from social pressure and lose employment opportunities. "



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