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New studies of quality of life in breast cancer patients

December 8, 2016 17:11

21/09/2016 19:20

breast cancerAnalysis of the quality of life of thousands of patients in North Carolina who survived breast cancer, showed differences in the physical and spiritual well-being of African-American and white during treatment and for two years after diagnosis.

In the study, led by experts from the Center for a comprehensive study of Laynbergera cancer at the University of North Carolina found out that white women showed a better quality of life parameters during active treatment, compared with the dark-skinned. The gap in terms of physically narrowed two years after diagnosis. The findings suggest that the improvement of the socio-economic conditions can improve the physical and functional quality of life for patients, winning oncology.

However, some differences remained. Mainly in African American women have higher levels of the spiritual quality of life in five months and two years after diagnosis, even after correcting socio-economic factors.

"The black women, as a rule, lower rates of quality of life in physical and functional terms after a diagnosis of cancer, socio-economic and other factors explain some of these differences", - said study co-author Andrew Olshen, deputy director of the Population Research at the University of North Laynbergera Carolina.

The scientific paper published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, based on data on the assessment of the quality of life and health of North Carolina residents between the ages of 20 to 74 years who have been diagnosed with cancer. The analysis is part of the third phase of the study, which began in 1993, the purpose of which was - to find out why Black women were more likely to die from breast cancer.

The researchers used surveys to assess the physical, functional, emotional, and spiritual quality of life in more than 2,100 women five months after the detection of the disease, and after 25 months, when women stopped active treatment and were at the stage of recovery.

 Black women have a state of mind was significantly higher than that of whites. At the same time, white women showed higher scores in physical terms (fatigue, nausea, pain, ability to work, etc.). The researchers hope to use this data to find ways to improve the lives of patients suffering from cancer.

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