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New techniques of radiotherapy can improve the quality of life of cancer patients

January 30, 2018 15:50

Although palliative radiation therapy is used to relieve pain in patients with advanced lung cancer, it has adverse effects on the condition of the patients esophagus. As a result of treatment, many patients experience heartburn and difficulty swallowing. With the help of a new clinical study, researchers from the Institute of Health Research Lawson test new methods of palliative radiotherapy to get rid of these undesirable effects and improve quality of life of patients with lung cancer.

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The study began in late 2016, and now it is conducted in five centers across Canada. It involved more than 40 patients.

The study used a more precise radiation therapy equipment to reduce exposure of the esophagus. Participants receive either a standard palliative radiotherapy or palliative radiation therapy, in which new technology is used.

The observation period for patients after palliative treatment completion is one year. Thus, scientists can fully assess and compare the ability of participants to swallow food and drink. "Deliberately avoiding esophageal radiotherapy, we hope to improve the quality of life of these patients - the scientists explain -. Reduce the side effects of radiotherapy, we can ease the pain of the participants to provide them with a more nutritious diet and create a comfortable environment. "

The research team will also examine the cost-effectiveness of the use of new radiotherapy techniques.



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