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The new analysis will accelerate the diagnosis of heart attack

29 September 2017 16:17

According to new research, funded by the British fund to combat heart disease, a new blood test for the detection of a heart attack can accelerate diagnosis and save millions of pounds.

The blood test, developed at King's College London team and tested in Europe, defines a heart attack standard assays faster. It is estimated that in more than two thirds of people complaining of chest pain, it was not a heart attack. In this case, all of them pass two tests: an electrocardiogram and a blood test to measure troponin levels.

In accordance with current guidelines, people who have a suspected heart attack, run analysis on troponin levels in the blood, as soon as they arrive in the intensive care unit. Depending on the results of up to 85 percent of the people have to remain in hospital for further tests to rule out a heart attack.

The new assay uses the same technology, but measured levels of the protein, called Myoshin-binding protein C (cMyC). CMyC levels in the blood rise quickly after a heart attack and more than troponin.

A team of researchers conducted blood tests on troponin and cMyC at 2,000 hospitals in Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Compared with troponin, cMyC analysis turned out to be twice as effective.

In the hospital of Saint-Thomas in Central London annually conduct 7800 assays for heart attack. According to estimates, analysis cMyC would save more than 800 000 pounds by reducing the admission of patients.

"It is important that physicians in a timely manner determined by a heart attack. In hospitals, we see patients who do not need further tests. Studies show that hospital beds in the wards in the country are released faster thanks to a new analysis, "- says Dr. Tom Cayer.

"Heart attacks are diagnosed using an electrocardiogram. Troponin test was used for about 20 years and is currently the most powerful tool for the diagnosis of such cases, but there is always room for new and better methods. Initial results look promising cMyC analysis: patients quickly diagnosed and sent home. However, more research is needed before it can be recommended as a substitute for analysis of troponin, "- says Professor Nilesh Samani.

This study is the first to show cMyC role in determining a heart attack. Scientists hope that the new analysis will be used in the next five years.



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