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The new drug to treat breast cancer

March 22, 2018 15:37

Developed by scientists a new treatment for breast cancer - a drug that can help women whose cancer has stopped responding to hormonal therapy, has recently entered into the first stage of clinical trials in humans.

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Breast cancer affects one in eight women in some developed countries, and while there are many types of breast cancer, about 80 percent are classified as estrogen receptor or ER-positive. This means that cancer cells have receptors - molecules that can receive signals from the chemicals in the body which are responsive to the hormone estrogen, and respond to it.

In the case of breast cancer ER-positive cancer means that estrogen promotes the growth of cancer. For treatment of this type of breast cancer physicians prescribe drugs to block the formation of hormones in the body, or interfere with the action of hormones effects on cancer cells. This type of treatment is called hormone therapy for breast cancer.

Hormonal breast cancer therapy is considered to be highly effective in the fight against cancer is sensitive to estrogen receptor, but nearly half of all women who undergo this type of treatment of breast cancer are still developing drug resistance and suffer relapses of the disease.

One development of new drug called TTC-352, said preparation may be equally effective in the treatment of breast cancer as well as other drugs for hormone therapy such as tamoxifen, or aromatase inhibitors, but with fewer side effects.

Preclinical studies have shown that TTC-352, which is a selective estrogen mimics, causing complete regression of the tumor, but unlike tamoxifen can reduce the risk of developing uterine cancer.

Since TTC-352 is a selective estrogen mimics, its mechanism is different from the mechanism of tamoxifen and inhibitors of aromatase and it was shown that it is effective in treating breast cancer, which has become resistant to these conventional medicines.

In July 2017 the US Administration on the Control of Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, which is licensed for UIC TTC Oncology, LLC, for testing in humans.

Phase I human trial will determine the maximum tolerated oral dose TTC-352 in patients with metastatic breast cancer that has progressed despite endocrine therapy. Also the best patient's response to treatment will be assessed, the duration of progression-free survival, duration of overall survival, safety profile and pharmacokinetic profile of the drug. The study also be investigated relationship between tumor response to the medication and its specific predictive biomarker expression: protein kinase C alpha or PKC alpha.

"We observed that the breast cancer that develops resistance to hormone therapy increased the expression of PKC-alpha, and our previous studies indicate that PKC-alpha can predict a positive response to estrogen migraine, such as TTC-352" - say researchers.

Also, according to them, if the results of the study are positive, and if the patient's response to drug correlates with the expression of PKC-alpha, TTK-352 may be the first therapeutic drug for patients with estrogen receptor-positive cancer that expresses the biomarker.

Source: MedicalExpress News


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