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New drug may help treat aggressive tumor KRAS

May 31, 2018 13:23

New anticancer drug may be used for more types of cancer than previously thought. Using a mouse model, and samples obtained from cancer patients, the scientists of the Technical University in Munich found that a new class of drugs known as SHP2 inhibitors, effective in treating aggressive inaccessible tumors such as lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Earlier these types of patients with malignant tumors were excluded from clinical trials.

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Lung cancer and pancreatic tumors called KRAS, since they have the same genetic error. This error means that the KRAS protein, involved in cell division ceases to function properly. As a result, cells start to divide uncontrollably, and this leads to the formation of tumors. treatment of the problem is that the KRAS protein plays a crucial role in the functioning of healthy cells, so just disable it by using drugs can not. Therefore, scientists are trying to find alternative ways of treating these tumors.

New research has shown that the SHP2 regulatory protein is a suitable drug target in tumors KRAS, and recently developed inhibitors SHP2 effectively compete with these tumors.

SHP2 protein is required for tumor growth

In their study, the researchers used mice with a defective protein KRAS. When they removed the rodent protein SHP2, tumors ceased to grow. Thus, researchers have been able to prove that SHP2 required for tumor formation, and that it can be used as a key target in drug aggressive tumors KRAS.

These results were confirmed when using SHP2 inhibitors in mouse models. After treatment, the tumor rodents grew more slowly, and it was easier to control.

Combination therapy helps combat resistance

The findings may solve another problem, often occurring in the treatment of tumor KRAS - the development of drug resistance. Scientists have used a combination of the new formulation with MEK inhibitors for the treatment mice. MEK inhibitors are already used in medical therapy, but many patients develop resistance to treatment. The study found that new inhibitors SHP2 make resistant cancer cells sensitive to inhibitors of the MEK old. Thus the combination of the two drugs may offer a new approach to the treatment of resistant tumors KRAS.

Now the researchers plan to conduct a clinical study to confirm the results.

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