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The new drug on the basis of aspirin make a breakthrough in the treatment of brain tumors

27 December 2017 10:42

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On 27-29 June 2016 in Warsaw (Poland) Conference "From Biology to Treatment» (From Biology to Therapy), scientists from the United Kingdom said that the use of a new soluble formulation containing a liquid aspirin would be a breakthrough in the treatment of brain tumors.

Describing their findings as "potentially groundbreaking" in the future treatment of brain tumors, Professor Geoff Pilkington and Dr. Richard Hill explained that their new drug can pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Blood-brain barrier can be compared to a "smart wrap", which, on the one hand, protects the brain from foreign and harmful substances entering it from the blood stream, and on the other - makes it necessary molecules to penetrate into the brain, and vice versa.

The researchers, who are engaged in the search for drugs to treat brain tumors, indicate the great difficulties in creating drugs that can pass through the blood-brain barrier. Many anti-tumor agents which act on tumors in other parts of the body, can not penetrate through it.

New soluble drug called IP1867B contains acetylsalicylic acid and two other components. It was developed by the Portsmouth group together with Innovate Pharmaceuticals.

The researchers noticed that all three components have already been approved for use in clinical practice and are able to kill tumor cells without damaging healthy brain tissue. Scientists have also reported that their discovery suggests high efficiency of a new drug containing aspirin in the treatment of glioblastomas - one of the most devastating and the most common in adults of malignant brain tumors.

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