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I discovered a molecular mechanism associated with cancer metastasis

May 8, 2018 13:22

The greatest danger to human health is metastatic cancer. The formation of metastases occur when cancer cells break away from the primary tumors and attached to healthy tissue in other places to form a new tumor. A large number of studies have focused on finding ways to prevent metastasis. Over time, scientists have realized that a particular biochemical pathway PDK1 participates in the metastasis of cancer cells, but why this happens, no one knew.

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In the new study, published in the «PLOS ONE» magazine, the first time scientists have demonstrated that the way PDK1 regulates the formation trehbelkovogo complex that facilitates two chemical ways, one of which forms a purine (2 of 4 building blocks of DNA) , and the other - thiamine, vitamin B. While it is still not known how the levels of purine and thiamine promotes metastasis, the authors suggest that they may be linked and are planning further studies to identify the connection.

For example, trehbelkovy protein complex, which is governed by PDK1, sometimes joins three other proteins. These six proteins form a large complex - purinosom - who performs all 10 reactions necessary to create a purine. However, without the three peripheral proteins, purine production is performed by half, and the molecule that forms the core set is likely to become thiamine.

Creating purines - energy-intensive process, so one of the hypotheses of scientists is that the decrease in the production of purine during metastasis helps cells survive when it is separated from the source of nutrients, such as an organ.

The researchers are going to test the function trehbelkovogo main complex in the next test. After that, they will examine whether the main complex and purinosom together and torn in metastatic cells. "Inhibition of these dynamics can be an alternative way to block metastasis" - reported the scientists.



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