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Olfactory receptor may help in the diagnosis of cancer

May 30, 2018 13:06

Researchers from Bochum found olfactory receptor in the human bladder, which may be useful in the treatment and diagnosis of bladder cancer. The study was published in «Frontiers in Physiology» magazine.

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The aroma of sandalwood inhibits tumor growth

Olfactory receptor in bladder tissue called OR10H1. The researchers have demonstrated that it responds to the scent of sandalwood, for example, sandranol. They analyzed the behavior of cultured cancer cells, when activated sandranol OR10H1, and identified a signaling pathway that is "turned on" in the cell, when the odorant binds to its receptor.

After applying sandranola, as well as santanola, the main component of natural sandalwood oil, bladder cancer cells change their shape - become more circular. In addition, cell division began to occur less frequently, and mobility has slowed.

"In our study, cell cultures, we have successfully inhibited tumor growth by means of sandalwood - the scientists noted -. This effect was enhanced in that the activation of the receptor leads to the release of so-called interleukins, as well as ATP, which provides "inclusion" natural killer cells in immune system tissues. "

Urine analysis as a method of diagnosing cancer

The researchers analyzed whether the patient's urine may show an increased number of receptors. They studied urine samples from patients with bladder cancer and healthy people and identified RNA transcripts receptors in them. Scientists came to the conclusion that OR10H1 can be used as a biomarker for the diagnosis of bladder cancer.

In another study published in the «Frontiers in Oncology» In February 2018, scientists at the Ruhr University in Bochum have shown that olfactory receptor OR2B6 found only in cancerous breast tissues and lungs. He's not in healthy tissue. Thus, OR2B6 can potentially be used as a specific biomarker for the diagnosis ofbreast cancer.

Researchers believe that in the future will be olfactory receptors not only participate in the diagnosis of tumors, but also used in the treatment of cancer.



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