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Weight loss surgery for obese women to prevent cervical cancer

October 25, 2018 18:02

The study of women who have had bypass surgery to treat obesity has shown that premalignant tissue in the uterus has returned to normal tissue, when they lost weight.

Doctors have long known that cervical cancer is caused by obesity, but so far the effect of weight loss on the precancerous changes in the uterus poorly studied.

Research carried out by scientists at the University of Manchester and Salford, published today in the International Journal of Cancer and funded by the Center for Biomedical Research of Manchester Research Institute.

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Around 9,000 women per year are diagnosed with cervical cancer, of which 2300 women die. Women in premenopausal receiving treatment for cancer of the uterus surgically lose the ability to have children.

72 women with an average BMI of 50 years and older, were taken from a biopsy of their uteruses during the gastric bypass or sleeve.

Four out of 72 found to have cancer of the uterus, which was treated by hysterectomy. Another six patients had atypical endometrial hyperplasia, a precancerous condition that causes excessive growth of cells in the uterus.

Of the six women with endometrial hyperplasia in three there was no sign of the state when re-checking eight weeks after the loss of about three stones in weight.

The remaining three were treated coil Mirena, which releases progesterone hormone in the womb and cancels precancerous changes. It has been shown that after six months, they do not have cancer.

Six monthly checks in four years showed that the precancerous tissue is not returned to the five women; at last I had a hysterectomy.

The remaining 62 women had a normal uterine tissue during surgery for weight loss, but it was a high risk for abnormalities when the fast-growing cells, ways that cause cancer, were included, and ways of stopping cancer have been disabled.

Twelve months after surgery, when women lost weight, high-risk changes have changed.

Dr. Emma Crosby, a clinical senior lecturer at Manchester University, conducted a study.

She said: "We know that women with high levels of obesity have a much higher risk of developing uterine cancer than women of normal weight But we did not expect such a high percentage of women receiving treatment for obesity, a precancerous condition Through this.. study we now know that help obese women to lose weight, can change the precancerous tissue changes. It is clear that women with high levels of obesity quick access to surgery for weight loss has benefits in addition to improving diabetes and heart disease risk, and may also reduce the risk of uterine cancer.

Losing weight through diet can also be effective, but we know that diet is very heavy and lose weight often comes back. "

Women with obesity after menopause produce estrogen from their fat reserves. But because they are no longer ovulate, lack of progesterone allows cells to grow in the uterus, which increases the risk of cancer.

Inflammatory reactions and the production of insulin also changed in obese women and can cause the growth of cells in the uterus.

"Since the change in pre-sostoyaniyy in the uterus was so fast, we believe that the metabolic effects of weight loss surgery are crucial," - said Dr. Crosby.

She added: "It's not that weight loss surgery was an easy choice, it changes your relationship with food forever, because you will be more likely to eat less food, and it is important to remember that surgery can be a dangerous procedure That's why. it is not for everyone: only about a third of women are opting for surgical option.

But for those who choose this surgery, this technique can now be considered as a preventive measure for cervical cancer.



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