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Poll: When leaving a sick child at home?

January 16, 2017 12:50

When leaving a sick child at home?16/01/17 13:48

For parents, there is always a pressing issue sick child, send to school or leave home. 

According to a new national survey of Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan opinions differ when it comes to how a sick child, and how will affect the hospital to work the parents or school testing.

Seventy-five percent of respondents reported that in the past year, at least one day a child stay at home due to illness. According to the survey, the main factors of such a decision is a concern that the condition worsens, or classmates became infected from a sick child.

Parents of students younger age (6 - 9 years old) are more concerned with the health of children when it comes to the need for the hospital, while two out of five moms and dads high school students indicate undesirable skip school tests or academic failure.

Poll results also depend on the symptoms. Most adults (80 percent) is unlikely to send a child to school with diarrhea, 58 per cent are ready to leave their children at home in case of vomiting, but if you have a slight fever, but feel normal, only 49 percent of respondents take sick leave (for dry coughs and colds this rate is 12 percent).

"Parents often have to make a judgment call as to whether the child should stay at home," - said survey lead author Gary Freed, MD. According to them, symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, significantly violate the child's school day mode. A runny nose or dry cough without fever good reason for skipping school is not considered.

"It is difficult to predict whether a child feel worse throughout the day, or how long will the symptoms of diseases, so parents make decisions based on assumptions", - says Fried.

Eleven per cent of mums and dads do not wish to miss work, while 18 percent say they are not able to find someone who could stay home with a sick child. When the children get older, it is no longer a problem, and 32 percent of parents allow them to stay at home in case of a disease. The importance of extra-curricular activities said only 6 percent.

The report is based on the responses of 1442 parents, in which at least one child 6-18 years.



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