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Tumor markers limiting the need for imaging cancer in children

January 18, 2019 13:58

According to a retrospective review, tumor markers are sensitive radiation-sparing agent monitoring in children and adolescents with malignant tumors of the reproductive cells.

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According to Dr. Adriana Fonseca in an interview with Reuters Health: «In general, children and adolescents with germ cell tumors have very good results in the current therapy. We aim to give them the best chance of survival, while minimizing the risk of toxicity. "

"It is important - she added - to take into account not only the toxicity associated with chemotherapy, but the cumulative exposure from diagnostic scans. In rare cases, exposure can produce secondary malignancies. In addition, parental anxiety and financial costs associated with these tests are significant. "

Dr. Fonseca from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and her colleagues reviewed data on 284 patients with tumors of malignant tumors germ cells of low and medium risk. Patients were followed for a mean of 5.3 years.

Only seven patients showed no increase of the tumor marker in the diagnosis, and none of the group had no recurrence, the researchers report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, published December 21.

Forty-eight patients (16.9%) experienced recurrence after an average of 134.5 days after registration. Of these, 47 were found by increasing tumor marker, usually alpha-fetoprotein.

Of the 49 patients with recurrence in 31 abnormal tumor markers and imaging were found in 12 - anomalous markers, but the rendering was not available, and at four - abnormal tumor markers, but the normal visualization. marker levels were unknown in one patient relapse which was diagnosed only by means of visualization.

The researchers note that, given the effectiveness of tumor markers in the detection of recurrence, "the elimination of exposure to ionizing radiation may increase the safety monitoring of recurrence."

Dr. Fonseca said: "We can significantly reduce the number of CT scans performed to monitor patients with markers for the diagnosis of tumors secrete. The results of this study, we have changed the requirements for visualization in modern studies of germ cell tumors, and we hope to include these results in other practical advice. "



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