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Opening of Danish scientists can bring about a revolution in the treatment of cancer

November 6, 2017 16:14

Researchers from Copenhagen have found a new way to kill cancer cells, while in no way affecting healthy and normal structures of the body.

The results of the work of scientists from the University of Copenhagen, published in the journal Nature, may open up new horizons in the treatment of malignant neoplasms. Discovered a molecular mechanism that explains how a specific protein can repair damaged DNA, without harming healthy cells.

These researchers Danish relate reading histone complex mechanism, which takes the most important part in the recognition postreplikatsionnoy protein synthesis step on the basis of the DNA molecule. Disruptions to the process inhibit tumor cell genome stability and, consequently, its viability. Acupressure is applied to this mechanism could lead to new targeted therapy to treat a range of malignancies.

"In our work, we have shown that a particular protein is responsible for the recovery of the DNA molecule, works in conjunction with changes in other proteins, histones, which are closely linked to the DNA. Cancer cells divide rapidly and have great damage to its genetic apparatus, and an effective mechanism for the recovery of such damage, the cells simply die, "- said the Medical Express Project Manager Dr. Groth, a leading specialist of the Center for Epigenetics and the Medical Faculty of the University of Copenhagen.

However, researchers have expressed concern about the fact that between them a perfect opening and its final implementation in routine clinical practice may take a very long time, though not doubt that it has a very great potential for science.

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