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Expectations of patients influence the development of side effects

October 26, 2016 15:18

expectations24/08/2016 17:51

The University Medical Center Hamburg made a sensational statement. Women expecting deterioration of health and adverse events after hormonal therapy in the treatment of breast cancer, feel worse than the patients having no negative expectations. The observations were made during the 2 years since assist in oncological clinic. The deterioration in the state of negative mood observed in women twice as often. The study's author, Dr. Yvonne Nestorik, said: "The results of the study show that expectations are clinically significant factor that affects the result of hormonal treatment."

Doctors say that negative expectations are the main reason why women stop taking medication without believing in a favorable prognosis. This affects the survival and the success of breast cancer treatment. Preliminary steps to stabilize the mental condition of the woman can be a smashing success. Clinical psychologists work with patients should be mandatory link of therapy and rehabilitation rehabilitation.   

The experiment took 111 women participated who survived surgery and get directions to hormonal therapy. Patients were surveyed for the presence of negative expectations and side effects. Next time, 107 women were surveyed (the survey was 3 months after the first experience). The third time, the subjects answered questionnaires after 2 years (88 patients).

It was found that hormone therapy schedule steadily observed patient does not expect negative. They also showed a 2-fold fewer side effects than patients with negative psychological mood. This study shows that a change in the expectations of professional psychoanalysts can improve the results of treatment of breast cancer.        

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