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Stroke patients, ignoring the advice of doctors

April 10, 2017 13:56

10/04/2017 13:47

statinsAccording to research on-line forum for stroke conducted by the London Mayor's Office of the Queen Mary, some patients ignore doctors' recommendations for secondary prevention drugs, such as statins, and other medication is discontinued.

According to scientists, doctors need to inform patients about treatment options and drugs needs, as well as keep track of them in the provision of recommendations or change treatment because of side effects.

Three of ten patients with recurrent stroke can happen that lead to disability or even death. Formulations secondary prevention, including antihypertensive agents, blood thinning agents and that reduce the level of lipids (statins) to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke is 75%. However, over time people have side effects that are mostly moderate.

The analysis, conducted with the participation of the University of Cambridge and published in the Journal of Family Practice, found that the side effects of medication and secondary prevention, in particular statins cause concern among patients, and the problems are not always solved by general practitioners . Some patients even stop taking the drug.

Dr. Anna De Simone, researcher, says: "I am a therapist, and these results have changed my practice Given the variety of methods of lowering cholesterol levels, and possible approaches to the treatment of patients with statin intolerance, I was surprised to see that. people lose hope and do not know what course of treatment can be changed. In my practice I offer patients a variety of treatment options, and before appropriate treatment is found, it may take time. It is important to encourage patients to seek help if you experience side effects, and no improvement is observed. "

According to researchers, the recommendation to continue taking statins to prevent further strokes lead to the fact that the person stops taking the drug.

Given the ease and benefits of obtaining patient information from online forums, experts believe that the study of health problems with the use of online communities of data need to pay more attention. This will allow to collect data from participants who are unable to participate in traditional studies, and to include data from different regions of the country.



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