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Pembrolizumab in the treatment of cervical cancer

October 2, 2017 13:10

pembrolizumabAccording to preliminary results of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO), pembrolizumab can be used as an anticancer drug to improve survival among patients with PD-L1-dependent squamous cell cervical cancer.

"Pembrolizumab showed anti-tumor activity for an average of 26 weeks," - said study author Dr. m n ... Jean-Sebastien Fresnel. He notes that the median survival of 6 months was 67% and for 12 months - 33%.

"The first line of treatment for cervical cancer is a combination treatment: chemotherapy and receive bevacizumab But besides this, the necessary and additional therapies, especially for patients who are resistant to platinum drugs.", - adds Fresnel.

Twenty-three participants with cervical cancer who did not undergo standard chemotherapy every two weeks, were injected intravenously with 10 mg / kg pembrolizumaba. The reaction was assessed every 8 weeks for six months, and then - every 12 weeks. In 16 of them showed improvement, four - partial, while three women were no changes at all.

Security applications pembrolizumaba consistent with previous reports of its use in other types of cancer. Deaths or other adverse effects when it is used is not mentioned. To further assess its efficacy and safety in the treatment of cervical cancer follow-up study is planned.

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