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Transfer oncogene in colon cancer cells

22 July 2019 12:39

For a long time doctors and scientists know very little about why patients can take medication for months or even years before the development of resistance. Research of New School University of Minnesota Medical presupposes the existence of both cellular and molecular causes of this phenomenon in colon cancer, with potential application to other types of aggressive cancers.

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In a study published in Cancer, Emil Lu, MD, assistant professor of medicine hematology department, oncology and transplantation and his research team demonstrated that the proteins derived from the oncogene the KRAS, have the ability to transfer between the cancer cells of the colon cell extensions called "tunnel nanotubes."

KRAS greatly affect the development of cancer, including its origin and nature of growth in 30 percent of cases, and the cancer becomes resistant to drugs. The study examined what happens when a normal form of the protein acquires a shape which is a mutant. It was found that the transfer of forces KRAS surrounding cells become malignant and resistant to standard medicines.

"In most cases, aggressive metastatic tumors of the colon, patients develop drug resistance For most patients, it is not a question of 'if' but a question of." When ", and this is a big problem in this area, - Dr . Lu says -. We assume that the connection off to transmit vital signals may be a new therapeutic strategy in addition to standard chemotherapy ".

Dr. Lu hopes that these results will help to better understand the ways of reviewing the strategies of clinical trials to overcome the biological sustainability at the cellular level. "This research opens up new possibilities for a full understanding of the consequences of the transfer KRAS colon cancer and other similar diseases caused by KRAS», - said Dr. Lu.



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