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Had undergone cancer patients are at risk to gain weight

November 20, 2017 14:07

obesityMedical records of patients who were treated for cancer, were examined a group of scientists to identify previously unknown relationships. It was found that survivors of cancer clinics, patients are prone to obesity more than ordinary people. What is it? Sudden craving for hedonism, the desire to do everything, or lifting of the ban fear that many of the joys of life and remain undiscovered? With these facts have yet to understand the psychologists. In the meantime, become aware of the first conclusions of scientists. A high percentage of the propensity to obesity have a person with colorectal cancer in the history of the pathology of breast and prostate cancers.

The analysis involved medical records of more than 500,000 US patients, the study of the history of which was conducted by the authors of the Supervisory experiment from 1997 to 2014. The study showed that among those who did not have cancer earlier, the increase in the number of people who are prone to obesity, up 7% over the reporting period. Among people ill with cancer, it increased by 10%. It is noteworthy that the most vulnerable to weight gain was a group of people surviving after treatment for colorectal cancer. Following marked patients with breast cancer, malignant prostate tumors.

It was found that among women with colorectal cancer in the history of the disease are particularly susceptible to the influence of obesity blacks, young patients, and those who survived the treatment of neoplasms in the recent past. Men at risk negroid, older patients and people who have undergone cancer therapy over 10 years ago. The situation is different with breast cancer. Among women, obesity diseases after treatment were subjected to white-skinned patients younger who underwent treatment is not more than a year ago. Among men with prostate cancer are young white-skinned people, the last therapy from 2 to 9 years ago.

Study author Heather Greenlee from New York University Health argues that the experiment data will help doctors focus on persons with cancer, who after treatment there is a risk of abnormal weight gain. This will allow to effectively prevent obesity in people whose health should not be affected by external factors of negative values.


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