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PIRADS helps in the diagnosis of prostate cancer

16 August 2018 11:34

Qualification representations of results and data visualization (PIRADS) classifies MRI lesions on a scale from 1 to 5, which reflect their level of suspicion from least to most. PIRADS 3 losses are considered ambiguous.

. Dr. J. Satianaten Niranjan and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis investigated the relationship between the rated PIRADS 3-5 and diagnosed clinically significant and the entire prostate cancer for three common indicators biopsies patients with biopsy-negative transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and biopsy active surveillance patients.

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Prostate cancer of any grade was detected in 51.9%, 26.5% and 43.8% of patients, respectively.

The overall incidence of cancer detection was 7.7%, for PIRADS - 1-2, 29.7% for PIRADS 3, 42.3% for PIRADS 4 and 82.4% for PIRADS 5, said command in the prostate diseases and cancer prostate, 23 July.

The incidence of clinically significant cancers was 30.1% among men with biopsy, 15.7% among the patients with previous negative biopsy and 19.5% among the patients with active supervision.

Clinically significant cancers were detected in men with 0% PIRADS indices between 1 and 2, in 8.9% of patients with index PIRADS 3, in 21.4% of patients with index PIRADS 4 and 62.7% of men with PIRADS Score 5.

Accuracy PIRADS changes (as measured by the area under the curves of the operator) was 0.69 for the diagnosis of any cancer and 0.74 for the diagnosis of clinically significant cancer.

Men who have had a previous negative biopsy, had a lower detection rates for any prostate cancer for lesions PIRADS 3 and 4 compared with men who had a biopsy naive or active surveillance.

"General and clinically significant cancer detection rates correlate with PIRADS assessment on multiparametric MRI" - the researchers conclude. "Biopsy output is also dependent on the clinical situation, and this should be taken into account in decision-making when determining the need to biopsy."

"In addition, it is important that the institutions examined their own detection rates of cancer due to multiple factors influencing the cancer detection rates," - they added. "Avoiding biopsy PIRADS 3 defeats is the most safe in men with previous negative biopsy, because it risks losing diagnostics least significant types of cancer."



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