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Fruit flies help in the treatment of cervical cancer

27 July 2017 17:42

fruit flies Scientists at the University of Missouri have completed a study on drozdofil aimed at the development of new strategies to combat malignant tumors of the female reproductive system. The data obtained will make the treatment of cervical cancer more effective - this says Dr. Mojgan Padash - the head of research.

Human papilloma virus - a common infection transmitted through sexual contact. HPV is one of the leading causes of cancer pathology. The first model of HPV-induced cancer in the fruit fly, which was created by the researchers, will help scientists understand the molecular and biochemical mechanisms that trigger the growth of abnormal growths. In addition, it will become the reference model for testing drugs and evaluation activities exerted by them.

Previous studies based on experiments in human cells and mice have shown that HPV enters the body through the skin and leads to irreversible changes in the oncoprotein, turning a normal cell into a cancerous atypical. One of the proteins - E-6 plays a key role in tumor formation and metastasis. Scientists exported protein in fruit flies, which caused serious breaches in the epithelium. Further experiments confirmed that the effect of E-6 is the same for drozdofil and humans. Later in flies was introduced oncogene Ras, and then began active tumor growth and metastasis.

Model developed by scientists studying cancer will allow screening of inhibitors of alternative methods of HPV-positive cancer treatment. Padash emphasizes that the same molecular elements underlying the E-6 mediated cancer in humans and fruit flies, will allow to carry out research, as close to reality.


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