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Side effects of taxanes can be prevented

November 1, 2018 16:25

Taxanes - chemotherapy drugs that are used to treat various types of cancer. They are characterized by a broad antitumor activity, which inhibits microtubule function cells. However, they often cause side effects in patients.

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In fact, drug-induced alopecia, as well as changes in the skin and nails, observed in 89% of patients undergoing chemotherapy based on the taxane.

A new study by George Washington University found that cooling therapy, which use cooling caps, cooling system head ohlazhdayuschieperchatki and socks, can protect against side effects of chemotherapy on the basis of the taxane.

"Taxanes cause dermatological changes through direct cytotoxic effect - the researchers noted -. Although they are an important tool in our arsenal of chemotherapeutic side effects that appear on the skin, can limit their use We want to limit this negative impact..

Scientists have performed a comprehensive systematic review of 34 studies published between January 1980 and August 13, 2018, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of interventions for the prevention of dermatological side effects caused by the taxane.

"Most studies have looked at the use of cooling systems for the head to reduce hair loss. Apparently, they were the most effective in preventing alopecia. Also, there is evidence that the cooling system can prevent toxic events affecting the skin of the hands / feet and nails.

The study was published in «JAMA Dermatology» magazine



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