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At the risk of recurrence of breast reconstruction is not

April 25, 2018 13:13

In breast cancer in women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery using abdominal tissue, there is a higher risk of relapse than women who were not breast-recovery process. This, researchers from the Karolinska Institute, told the paper published in the British Journal of Surgery.

In Sweden today, more than 90 000 women are living with a diagnosis of breast cancer, and every year from this disease kills nearly 2,000 women. When more than 90% disease undergo surgical procedures.

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When removing the entire breast can be reconstructed using an implant or tissue from your own body of a woman. Today, many women want to restore the breast using your own tissue. The tissue can be taken from the abdomen and transplanted on a remote breast portion. This common method is called DIEP reconstruction valves, which means that the reconstruction of the deep inferior epigastric perforator artery.

physical injury

"For a long time, an ongoing debate about how safe whether this type of remodeling or whether it can contribute to a higher risk of relapse. Previous studies have produced conflicting results, "- says Dr. Hanna Adam from the Karolinska Institute and first author of the new study.

The operation that takes a few hours, is a physical injury, which could theoretically lead to disruption of the immune system and reactivation of dormant micrometastases.

Currently, the study included 254 patients who at the Karolinska University Hospital from 1999 to 2013. The operations were carried out using the method of peeling DIEP. Each patient matched three patients in the control group, including 729 patients who had removed the breast without any secondary reconstructive surgery.

The absence of high-risk

The results showed that at least 20 percent of the women in the group DIEP versus 24 percent in the control group experienced recurrence of breast cancer after seeing six or seven years. Five-year survival rate after operation of 92 percent and a little less than 90 percent, respectively.

"Our study shows that women who undergo this type of reconstruction, there is no increased risk of recurrence. Moreover, the survival rate was higher for the group of the DIEP, than the control group, "- Hannah, Adam says.



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