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Smartphone application for patients with mental illness

March 29, 2017 14:38

A new technology has been developed by scientists in Israel, which helps physicians in the treatment and monitoring of patients with the disease in the field of psychiatry.

On an application for a smartphone running the school experts Sagol Neuroscience, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tel Aviv, researchers and Keren Sela Uri Nevo. This device detects changes in behavior of the patient and the doctor transmits information. This development was presented at the conference of the Israeli Society of Biological Psychiatry.

According to Uri Nevo, the basis for a diagnosis is a model of the patient's behavior. For example, a manic episode gives rise to bipolar disorder. Standard number of calls per day suddenly increases several times. Mental health indicators are the duration and content of discussions, patient movement, his condition during sleep time. All this makes it important for professional information, due to which it is possible to identify the disease in the initial stages.

To date, we conducted 2 clinical studies in which 40 people participated. Of these twenty patients suffering from schizoaffective disorder, bipolar, depressive disorders, and twenty people were without pathologies. During this time, with phones forwarded information about communication, speech, movement, changes in sleep mode to a remote server. There are analyzed.

Visualize and analyze the results provided by the doctors allowed to identify trends in the behavior of patients. Chance to objectively see the daily life of the patient will allow doctors to make a conclusion about the positive impact of the application performance with the patient.

It is expected that this development will significantly reduce response time and increase the efficiency of the treatment. Such remote monitoring will give patients independence from doctors, hospitals and even families. According to experts, there is no reason to worry about the confidentiality of information privacy, because the contents of messages and conversations are not taken into account. The patient decides the question of the availability of personal data to any specialist.

It is funding this project the Ministry of the Israeli economy. Not long ago, he was attracted to participate in the program leading to innovative development - Innovation 8200 Accelerator. And also one of the 4 leading strartapov in the country. At present, negotiations are underway with clinics and hospitals in Israel and other countries about new clinical trials.


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