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Vision problems after concussion

January 7, 2017 17:51

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Vision problems - a common consequence of traumatic brain injury (TBI). New research on such disorders after TBI, is presented in the January issue of «Optometry and Vision Science», the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry.

Visual dysfunction after TBI takes various forms and contributes to long-term disability. The article refers to the links between the visual system and post-traumatic brain dysfunction. A new study shows similarities between sport concussions and more serious injuries faced by military personnel.

Posttraumatic visual impairment may occur alone or in combination with vestibular dysfunction (dizziness, loss of balance or). In a study led by Mark B. Swanson, evaluated the relationship between vision and problems in children with concussion. The project involved 276 children and adolescents with multiple symptoms of TBI after a duration of ten days or more.

Three weeks after the concussion in 46 percent of patients were reported visual impairment and 29 percent - learning difficulties. Among patients whose symptoms remained after 30 days, the rate of problems with academic performance is three times higher.

The study, led by Jose E. Aponte Capo Aeromedical Research Laboratory of the US Army evaluated the level of visual dysfunction in 500 men with two types of light injuries.

One-third of patients had significant vision problems and symptoms persisted one year after the injury. Eye pain was prevalent in the early stages, while the double vision (diplopia) arise later. The results indicate the need for constant vision rehabilitation. Scientists suggest that visual problems due to civil TBI, traumatic brain injury similar to the military.

Experts discuss the continuation of the research of vision problems after traumatic brain injury. Since 2009, Congress has provided annual funding for special programs for the study of such violations.

To better understand the visual consequences of TBI, and to apply these findings to health care, we need basic research.



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