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Software for bone scans accurately predicted prostate cancer

May 18, 2018 10:39

A software tool for the automatic calculation of how the bones were amazed prostate cancer, is accurate and fast, it captures a key prognostic information related to the survival and development of symptoms over time.

The software, called automatic index bone scan, was tested in a large global multicenter study led by researchers of the Institute of the Duke Cancer. phase 3 study results were published May 17 in JAMA Oncology.

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"This study describes the main improvements in the older techniques used by doctors to measure bone metastases for predicting survival and help in the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer", - said lead author Andrew Armstrong, MD.

"It is important to know how widespread metastatic disease - both for patients and for the understanding of the likely course of the disease and for doctors to determine the best possible treatment," - said Armstrong. "It is a necessary point of reference in a clinical trial to see if therapy research work and to quantify and predict possible outcomes."

Current measurement method metastases in bone includes scanning CT or MRI in addition to a test of nuclear medicine, which includes hand assessment of bone metastases. It can be carried out manually scanning bone assessment using the formula based on bone mass and tumors, but this process is subjective and time-consuming, however it is not used routinely at the clinic.

New automated bone scan index or aBSI - is a program that scans the radiographic studies and quantifies the degree of bone metastases in a matter of seconds.

The study involved 721 people with advanced recurrent prostate cancer were evaluated using aBSI software and followed throughout the care time.

The researchers found that aBSI technology was significantly better than the previous, manual calculation in the prediction of survival time for men no matter how much their widespread bone metastases. In addition to other key clinical information technology provides prognostic information about patient outcomes and improve the ability to predict the time to progression and symptoms of pain.

"For doctors, patients and cancer researchers is important that they have a reliable marker to better treat patients and prevent or delay bone metastases", - said Armstrong.



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