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Psychologist warns that love in the reality show is different from the real

April 19, 2017 13:09

04/01/2017 17:16

Love in reality showMillions of people every week watching loving relationships in reality shows such as "The Bachelor." But an expert from the Baylor College of Medicine warns that these television relationship may not be as real as they seem.

"Love in a reality show based on the visual effects, rather than two people trying to get to know each other, - said Dr. James Bray, family psychologist, professor of family relations and social medicine at the Baylor family -. Long-term success in a relationship based on trust, intimacy and closeness. "

Bray adds that love on the screen of an entertaining function and not always depicts the creation of a true relationship.

"When there are beautiful people who are able to do interesting things, it's fun to look at. This drama, almost like a soap opera. People sometimes identify themselves with someone on this show, and then imitate them that is one of the reasons for the success of television programs, "- says the psychologist.

Bray warns that when the cameras constantly monitor the participants of the show, it puts pressure. Participants look and play better.

"If you hide the negative features for the creation of a positive image of your partner or spouse eventually finds out about them, which will cause a shock, - says Bray -. You get the good and the bad, being in a relationship, especially in marriage. "

For couples who are interested in improving the relationship or considering to tie the knot, Bray recommends to switch off the TV and search for valuable resources that teach how to build strong relationships.

"For those who study the institution of the family and relationships, there is good evidence-based resources and programs that help people learn how to build a happy and healthy relationship, - says Bray -. They are useful for understanding the realistic expectations and knowledge of what they include. "



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