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Rehabilitation after heart surgery reduces patients with depression the risk of death

20 September 2017 14:00

Depression is associated with cardiovascular complications, but, according to a new study, if patients suffering from depression attend courses cardiac rehabilitation after cardiac surgery , the risk of death is greatly reduced.

A study conducted by researchers from the Intermountain Medical Institute in Salt Lake City, showed that in patients with moderate to severe depression is a higher probability of death after surgery on the heart than in patients with mild depression and those who were not exposed to it. However, if patients with moderate to severe depression attended courses of rehabilitation after surgery, the risk is reduced.

Results of the study presented November 13 at the Scientific Session of the American Heart Association in 2016 in New Orleans.

"We believe that cardiac rehabilitation helps patients manage themselves as returning to work and life, - he said. - This due to the fact that there is a support group of other patients, as well as exercise and physical activity under the supervision of experienced staff. When patients leave the house after the operation and come to the place where their job is to treat it not only improves the physical condition, but emotional health. "

Studies show that patients who attend rehabilitation courses after surgery, reduced by half the risk of death. Nevertheless, further scientific studies are required to determine whether it affects other factors.

The research team used data on 118 patients who underwent heart surgery that completed the survey during outpatient visits before surgery.

Patients were categorized according to the survey results. After the surgery, they were under surveillance.

At the end of the study died of 6.1 per cent of patients with a mild form of depression or did not suffer from it, and 25 percent of patients with severe depression.

Among patients with moderate or severe depression participated in cardiac rehabilitation courses has significantly reduced the risk of death up to 74 percent.



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