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With left-sided colorectal cancer live longer than the right-hand

October 30, 2017 12:01

In San Francisco, on the basis of the analysis of the clinical data was conducted the largest study to determine the dependence of the duration of life of patients with colorectal cancer on the location of the tumor.

As a result, it was found that those people who have a tumor on the right side of the colon, live shorter lives than those in which it is located on the left.

The results came as a surprise, as it was originally planned to compare the effect of bevacizumab and cetuximab for colon cancer. Professor Alan Vinuk says that this discovery "could answer the question of why some patients treatment helps more."

In a study used data on more than 1,000 cases of colorectal cancer. Patients with left-sided tumors who received cetuximab lived another 36 months, and those in which the tumor was on the right side - 16.

When receiving bevacizumab was the same picture. The life expectancy of people with left-sided tumors was 31 months, and with the right hand - 24.

These results allow us to look at the treatments on the other hand, first determine the location of the tumor, and then choose the drug.

"These data will help us to advance in the treatment and study of colorectal cancer" - said Professor Alan Vinuk.

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