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Sri Lanka stopped the import of baby powder Johnson & Johnson

February 4, 2019 10:53

Sri Lanka has suspended imports of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder as long as the company can not prove that its product does not contain asbestos, which causes cancer.

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Product stocks already in Sri Lanka, can still be sold, but the new import of talc, a popular health product in Sri Lanka and most of Asia, is not until J & J India, where Sri Lanka imports the product, not provide fresh produce.

December 14, Reuters reported that a group of US drug and consumer products containing asbestos as part of its baby powder that led to tests in several countries, including India.

J & J Reuters described the story as "one-sided, false and inflammatory."

Kamal Jayasinghe, executive director of the National Regulatory Authority of Medicine of Sri Lanka (NMRA), which is part of the Ministry of Health, said that he had informed the distributor A.Baur & Co., that to continue importing it would require additional tests.

"We had them re-registered and reported to the distributor to provide quality reports from accredited laboratories to ensure that their products do not have to asbestos" - Dzhaysingh said.

Validity of licenses for the import of A.Baur & Co products expired in December, said the second officer NMRA.

Shaluta Perera, head of A.Baur consumer goods, said that the suspension of the licensing process of the company J & J in India.

«J & J India is directly involved in all regulatory issues", - he said.

Perera said that the NMRA contacted A. Baur in December on the new test asbestos.

Press Secretary of J & J India declined to comment on the termination of supplies to Sri Lanka, but said that the company is "in full compliance with the current Indian regulatory requirements for the production and testing of our talc."

"We are fully cooperating with the Government of India and look forward to the results of their tests," - she added.

A spokeswoman said that the product is regularly tested both suppliers and independent laboratories to ensure that it does not contain asbestos.



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