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CRISPR system is effective in the treatment of lung cancer

18 December 2018 16:19

editing system genes CRISPR-Cas9 able to restore the effectiveness of first-line chemotherapy used to treat lung cancer, by removing the gene in cancer, which helps cancer develop resistance to drugs. This was reported by scientists from the Institute of gene editing Cancer Center. Helen F. Graham, based on the results of its new study «Molecular Therapy Oncolytics» magazine.

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The study showed that, both in tissue culture and in mouse models, association with chemotherapy CRISPR-Cas9 system is used to disable tumor gene NRF2, stop the growth of tumors and dramatically reduces the amount of existing neoplasms. Previous studies have shown that NRF2 gene controls cell function in tumors of lung cancer, which enables them to interfere with the chemotherapeutic effect which otherwise could reduce or eliminate them.

"Our goal - to find out whether you can use CRISPR in combination with chemotherapy, to give patients who do not respond to treatment, the chance to fight this dangerous cancer and not harm" - the researchers noted.

Lung cancer - the main cause of death from cancer in the United States. While chemotherapy helps patients achieve remission and improved quality of life, significantly slowing down the progression of the disease, it does not always work. Some patients with non-small cell lung cancer, the most common form of the disease, develop resistance to the chemotherapeutic agents used to treat the disease.

development CRISPR

Although the team of scientists is working to begin the clinical trials, a new CRISPR application for the treatment of lung cancer does not include direct editing of the patient's genome - the genes only in tumors.

CRISPR translated to English means short palindromic repeats regularly spaced groups. Originally it was a protective body, found in bacteria, which allow microorganisms to recognize and cut DNA of invading viruses. Scientists have learned how to manipulate this mechanism to monitor the biological activity in the cell. Cas9 - a reference to an enzyme, sometimes described as a form of "molecular scissors", which are used to cut DNA CRISPR code fragment.

CRISPR research

Scientists noted that many attempts to change the CRISPR, so it can be used not only to remove the DNA code, but also the replacement or "insertion" of the new chain code. However, there are still serious problems with the safety of this form of CRISP. So while the team of scientists focused on how to use the system in its natural form.



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