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Difficult childhood mother is associated with behavioral problems of the child

25 July 2017 17:59

According to the study, published in the «British Journal of Psychiatry», children whose mothers had a difficult childhood, often suffer from emotional and behavioral problems.

Scientists from Imperial College London and Canterbury Christ Church University examined data on more than 9000 women and their children. They found an association between history of abuse with her mother as a child, and emotional and behavioral difficulties in children.

Almost half (49%) of children whose mothers suffered from childhood abuse, had problems such as increased anxiety and anger in 10, 11 and 13 years.

Mothers with problematic childhood often had a low level of education, they drank and smoked more during pregnancy and have had worse social support.

Researchers have proposed a way to deal with the psychological difficulties faced by children. They reported that mothers need to provide such access to psychological and social support as well as assistance in raising a child.

It is important that women who have had a problematic childhood, have been identified as early as possible, for example, during pregnancy, when they regularly use health services as they need continued support in the future.

"One in five women suffer from mental health problems during pregnancy. If left untreated, it can have devastating consequences for the mother and child, - reported the scientists. - Our study demonstrates the transgenerational effects of trauma and the importance of mental well-being of the mother during and after pregnancy . "



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