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Scientists have created a new database of medicines and drugs that prolong life

27 December 2017 10:42

DatabaseScientists from the Research Foundation of Gerontology and the University of Liverpool have announced the database DrugAge drugs and drugs that prolong life. The database contains 418 compounds, covering 27 different model organisms, including yeast, worms, flies and mice.

DrugAge - a valuable resource that is freely available on the Human Gening Resources website (HAGR), created and supported by scientists around the world. Other sources include GenAge (database of age and associated with longevity genes in humans and model organisms), AnAge (source of information on aging, a record of longevity and history of life, with more than 4000 species) and LongevityMap (database of 2000 human genes and genetic variations associated with longevity).

DrugAge - this is the last database in the field of aging. I am sure that it will be widely distributed to the research community for the study of aging and will help today's health care in the treatment of diseases and disease prevention geroprotective, - says Dmitry Kaminsky, managing trustee of the fund gerontological research.

Data bases are presented in tables and interactive charts. DrugAge represents an important resource for use in the community gerontologists. It is the largest source of information on the extension of life expectancy, made to date, and it will certainly be a valuable resource for scientists. The analysis carried out with the use of the database, has already shown interesting trends, including a statistically significant overlap between life expectancy and drugs known age-related genes and the correlation between life expectancy for men and women. Geroprotektorov understanding of the impact on the life expectancy of different model organisms important for fundamental research in the biology of aging by modulating a variety of biomolecular targets, - says Franco Cortese, the representative of the Research Foundation of Gerontology.

In addition to implementing a database DrugAge in the scientific community, important find pharmacological agents that can increase life expectancy and improve the health - said Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, PhD.

Article Database DrugAge associated with aging medicine is published in the journal Aging Cell.



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