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Drinking coffee reduces the risk of colon cancer

13 September 2017 13:02

Coffee from colon cancerMorning coffee (including caffeine-free) may protect against colon cancer.

You probably do not need an excuse for a morning coffee, but it is thanks to a new discovery. US and Israeli researchers jointly came to the conclusion - use coffee drinks every day is not so bad, because they can lower the chances of developing bowel cancer.

Dr. Stephen Gruber of the southern part of the State of California, and his colleagues published their study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology. In America, this type of disease is in second place in the most common forms of cancer among males and females. More than 95,000 new cases of colon cancer and 39,000 of rectal cancer are expected this year.

The American Cancer Society believes that the likelihood of developing the disease in men is 1 in 21 and 1 in women of 23. But according to the latest research, the coffee - one of the favorite drinks of America - may also be protective properties against cancer.

The risk of developing colon cancer in 2 times more, if you do not eat 3 servings of coffee daily. Such a statement made Dr. Gruber and his colleagues studied the 5145 people are diagnosed with oknologiya, along with 4097 individuals who do not have a disease. These participants were part of a population-based study conducted in northern Israel.

In the course of the study participants had to fill in the questionnaire form that characterizes their diet, as well as detailing their use of coffee (espresso, instant, bezkofeinovy, filtered) and other beverages. The subjects participated in the survey, to disclose information about hereditary diseases, nutrition, physical fitness, smoking and criteria that affect the likelihood of developing colon cancer.

Scientists have discovered that the consumption of several cups of coffee a day is enough to consider a number of moderate, reducing the risk of cancer by 25%. Interviewed people who consume 3 cups of coffee or more each day, already 50% lower probability of occurrence of the disease.

What contains the coffee? The answer is very simple.

Caffeine does not carry the protective functions. Scientists say that the polyphenol, which is in a part of the coffee beverage contains an antioxidant that may reduce the occurrence of cancer at the cellular level.

The researchers explain that in Israel, according to the survey results, consume less coffee than in America.

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