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The probability of pregnancy in IVF depends on the age of the man

25 July 2017 18:00

07/03/2017 15:39

Men, unlike women, do not have menopause or fertility decline. Thus, a female age - dominant factor in predicting the probability of conception pair.

Several studies have revealed that the probability of conception is related to the age of the male partner, particularly with regard to the genetic health of sperm.

A new study in the US shows that in IVFat conception affects the age of the male partner. "Research is devoted to the influence of age on male fertility," - says Dr. Laura Dodge. Results of the study will present at the 33 th annual ESHRE conference in Geneva.

The study consisted in the analysis of IVF cycles carried out by the Boston region between 2000 and 2014, a total of a 19 000 cycles at 7753 pairs. The women were divided into 4 age groups: up to 30, 30-35 years, 35-40 years and 40-42. The men had a similar age group, with an additional group of 42 and above.

As expected, the total fertility rate was lowest in those couples where the female partner was aged 40-42 years, and in this group the age of the male partner did not matter. However, other groups of fertility decreased as men age.

In couples where the woman is younger than 30 years, in the case of the partner of 40-42 years, the birth rate was 46%, and in the case of the partner of 30-35 years - 73%. Similarly, in couples with a female partner of 35-40 years birth rates were higher with a younger man.

Women aged 35-40 have won if the partner was younger than 30 years: rate increased to 30%. In the group of women 30-35 years old, where the partner was older, the rate was reduced by 11%.

Commenting on the results, Dr. Dodge says that the increase in the age of the men associated with a reduced probability of pregnancy and an increased risk of miscarriage. This may be the result of disturbed sperm parameters, DNA damage and epigenetic changes in sperm that affect fertilization, implantation, or embryo development.

"However, - says Dr. Dodge, - the results show that the age of the woman has a greater influence on the conception, than a man's age Although the effect of female age on fertility is mainly due to an increase in the frequency of. . chromosomal abnormalities, the proposed mechanisms of action of male age on pregnancy thinner In women aged from 30 to 40-42 years, fertility gradually declines to 46%, while for men - only 20%. "

In most cases, the focus is on the quality of sperm, although research suggests that it can not fully improve the effects of the male reproductive aging. Therefore, the best advice that can offer researchers, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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