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Zika virus continues to cause concern among the population

June 9, 2017 17:59

13/01/17 16:34

Zika virusZika virus remains a serious public health problem.

In early 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Zika virus outbreak in North and South America, calling it an emergency. This caused immediate international reaction and led to the realization that the virus Zika has long-term consequences.

Dr. George McSherry, head of the University of childhood infectious diseases of Pennsylvania, said the problem remains. "We need constant attention and resources to fight the virus," - he stressed.

In Zika virus infected symptoms may be absent. Infection increases the likelihood that the fetus developing birth defects such as microcephaly, and neurologic complications. In adults, there is a risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Although the virus Zika transmitted primarily by mosquitoes genus Aedes, can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. That's why health organizations ask couples who may become pregnant, take extra precautions.

The virus was transmitted by mosquitoes Aedes in southern Florida and Brownsville, Texas, but it is associated with trips to the Caribbean and Latin America, where the disease is common.

Public health organizations recommend travelers to use means of protection against mosquitoes, wear long-sleeved clothing and stay away from areas where a lot of insects. Tourists should familiarize themselves with the Center's recommendations for Disease Control and Prevention.

Using protection against mosquitoes is also necessary in Mexico, Central and South America due to other viruses of these countries (the dengue virus and chikungunya virus, which causes severe disease in children and adults).

Zika infection confirmed by analysis of blood or urine. Center for Disease Prevention developed a guide for health experts for the assessment and diagnosis of children and pregnant women, who may be infected. Experts say that the number of vaccines against the virus Zika are in the first phase of clinical trials.



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