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The impact of music therapy on surgical patients

October 28, 2016 19:23

music therapy14/09/2016 15:45

A new study published in September 2016, the magazine AORN, reports on the results of music therapy programs for surgical patients.

In an article written by two music therapists and nurse-anesthetist Seidman Cancer Center, reflects the information to conduct a two-year randomized study on the effect of live and recorded music on the anxiety level 207 women. All of them suffered a biopsy procedure on breast cancer (diagnosis and treatment). (Article locatedполный text).

Cooperation authors aimed to study the effect of music therapy in the field of surgery. We studied the response of the control group patients (without music), with live music or recorded. Since the time before the operation a little, researchers gave patients listen to live music - it played music therapist in the patient bed or a recorded song - on your iPod through headphones.

Self-esteem anxiety regulated by visual scale from "do not want" to "high anxiety". Participants in the experiment, listen to music online or in recordings, experienced a significant reduction in preoperative anxiety - 42.5 percent and 41.2 percent, respectively, compared with the control group of patients (who have not listened to music).

"During our two-year study, we gathered information about the potential benefits, approaches and problems of music therapy, facilitating surgical treatment - said the study's lead author, Jacqueline Bradley Palmer, a certified music therapist Seidman Cancer Center. - In addition, we studied the approaches to the integration program for the perioperative period nursing staff. "

According to Palmer, the music therapist can be of great benefit in the surgical treatment and music therapy can be a means to improve the quality of patient care (together with the operating nurses).

"As a member of a multidisciplinary surgical team music therapist can help nurses to reduce the patient's anxiety, relieve pain, and adjust the positive emotions - said Palmer. - If the surgical treatment program will include cooperation with professional music therapists, physicians will decrease the load on. "

According to the researchers, it is necessary to continue to continue to conduct such scientific research regarding the positive impact of music therapy programs in the surgical area.



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